Responsible Gaming in Mega Casino World

The information below is important to understand the principles of responsible gambling as espoused by Mega Casino World (MCW). The website is owned by Aurora Holdings NV, registered at Abraham deVeerstraat 9, Curacao with registration number 10692.

Terminology & Definitions

In the context of the document, key terms begin with a capital letter and have meanings that remain the same regardless of the number in which they are used. Among such definitions:

  • Account indicates a unique profile created by a user to access a service;
  • Company, referred to in the text as “Company” or “MCW” refers to Curacao Co;
  • The website is identified through the URL:;
  • “You” refers to the service user or the legal entity on whose behalf they are acting.

Principles of Responsible Play & Self-Exclusion

MCW recognises that gambling is a source of pleasure and entertainment for most participants. But it also recognises that online betting has a negative impact on the small percentage of individuals who are susceptible to gambling addiction. Excessive attraction to gambling is classified in medicine as a serious disease that requires timely and adequate treatment.

Since the first days of its operation Mega Casino World has been focusing on the problem of gambling, working to counteract possible negative effects. By “responsible gambling” is meant a set of measures aimed at preventing problems associated with online entertainment.

Among other things, education – informing users about the dangers of gambling – is a key means of combating potential risks. This includes education and support for self-control, which enables the player to control their behaviour in order to avoid undesirable consequences.

Contact Information & Support

Mega Casino World offers technical support to players via email at all times, at no financial cost to the user:

MCW specialists guarantee the confidentiality of personal data and will not disclose it without prior consent.

Gambling Addiction Prevention

Users who suspect a gambling addiction can self-diagnose at: Additional resources about gambling addiction and prevention methods are available there as well..

Recommendations for Responsible Play

To prevent gambling addiction, it is recommended that you:

  • Set a deposit limit. Assess your finances and determine the allowable limit of funds for online betting before you start gambling.
  • Avoid wagering attempts. Do not try to compensate for lost funds by increasing bets. As a rule, such decisions lead to even bigger losses.
  • Limit the length of the session. Set a time limit for gambling and stick to it to ensure a balance between gambling and other interests.
  • Play sensibly. Avoid betting while stressed, depressed, under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other mind-affecting substances.
  • Take breaks from gaming. End gaming sessions if you lose concentration or become tired.
  • Do not resort to multi-accounting. Create only one Account to better control your financial expenditure and time spent playing.

Juvenile Protection

MCW provides services to persons over the age of 18. To prevent unauthorised access by minors, keep login details secure.

Mega Casino World recommends using special software to keep children away from harmful content online. A list of tried and trusted filters is available at:

The purpose of this guide is to develop an understanding of safe and responsible MCW play. Control your behaviour – session lengths, online betting costs – to get the most out of your game.